Instruction for authors of APRIM2011 proceedings

The proceedings of the 11th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting will be published as the first volume of the NARIT Conference Series (NCS) edited by Siramas Komonjinda, Yuri Y. Kovalev and David Ruffolo.  This publication will be available both printed version and online version via the website  All articles are free to read online as soon as they are published on After submission your manuscripts to the proceeding of APRIM2011, authors are also encouraged to submit their manuscripts to arXiv e-print service .

To submit your manuscripts, authors should follow the instruction below.

  1. Download LaTeX templates, class files and other guidelines provided below and use them for preparing your manuscripts.

  2. After your manuscripts are ready, please go to NCS website again, choose your conference (APRIM2011) and login using your username and password as your conference.

  3. Do online submission by following the Getting Startedsection  in   OJSinanHourr.pdf,  page 164.

    Please note that,  during  step 3 upload the submission , the author should  name  your manuscript file as “manuscript.tex.”   and submit your supplementary files instep 4  upload supplementary file with  “”  which contains the following items:

    • .eps (encapsulated postscript) files of all figures included in your manuscript (no Type 3 font).   Please note that the hardcopy of the proceedings is in black and White only.   If an image is available in color, authors should submit the color image.  The color will be retained on the website but converted to grayscale for the printed volume.  If concerned about the conversion to grayscale, an author should submit an acceptable grayscale image, clearly named, along with the color image.

    • .pdf file output of your manuscript

  4. After confirmation of submission in step 5 by clicking  “Finish Submission”  bottom,  the Author fees page will show up, but the  authors  do not need to pay.

Note: To prepare the manuscript for the proceedings,  the  authors  can follow the guidelines  inJPCSLaTeXGuidelines_by_Jacky_Mucklow.pdf.   For conveniently in manuscript preparation, the authors can use the  template.tex or JPCSLaTeXGuidelines_Test.tex as  template or example codes.   Please download class files  jpcon.cls and jpcon11.clo which are modified for the proceeding of APRIM2011 in B5 paper size and place into the same folder of your manuscript file.

To prepare manuscript, The document header should declare\documentclass[b5paper,twoside]{jpconf} .

After declaration of  the document class, please  add command\special{papersize=176mm,250mm} to printout with two-side  B5 paper. 

For citation, please use the  numeric citation and list of references like an example;



\bibitem[1]{sec67} Secchi, A. 1867, Astron. Nachr., 68, 63

\bibitem[2]{bid76} Bidelman, W. P. 1976, IAU Symp. 70,453

\bibitem[3]{jas81} Jaschek, M., Slettebak,  A., \& Jaschek, C. 1981, Be star terminology. {\it

\bibitem[4]{sig07} Sigut, T. A. A., \& Jones, C. E. 2007 \APJ, 668,481


while NUM is the maximum reference documents.    The authors can cite the document in the references list by using  the citation command  e.g., \cite{ sec67} .

Please note that the page limits for each type of contributions ;

  • 8 pages  for Plenary and Invited  contribution

  • 4 for oral presentations  in parallel sessions

  • 2 pages for poster  contribution.

The submission system for APRIM2011 will be open on  August  15th, 2011. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is  October 31st ,  2011. November 15th ,  2011.

The proceedings are planned to be published online on January 2012 and its hardcopy version will be printed in March 2012. If   you   have   any   problems   regards   to   the   APRIM2011   proceedings,   please   contact   [email protected]

List of Download Files

  1. Guideline from Journal of Physics Conference Series :JPCSLaTeXGuidelines_by_Jacky_Mucklow.pdf original  document by  Jacky Mucklow,

  3. LaTeX Template and  jpconf class files

  5. Example  output files

  7. Guideline for submitting the manuscripts and supplementary files  online for  NCS : OJSinanHour.pdf

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