Oral Presentations

Important Notes:

Please check the online scientific program for the scheduled of your talk. Talks indicated with (I) are invited talks. The duration of each individual talk may not be the same for all sessions. Please make sure that you allow a few minutes for questions/changing to the next speaker within your allocated time.

All presentations in the scientific sessions will be processed by the LOC computers provided in the session rooms. These are Mac and MS Window laptops, compatible with Keynote, Acrobat Reader, as well as MS PowerPoint (see details below).

All presentations to the scientific program must be uploaded in advance (at least 2 hours prior to their presentation) to the conference presentation system (via the intranet at the conference venue). Information sheet will be provided in your conference bag.

After uploading the presentation files, all speakers are required to check at the computer provided in the session rooms to validate their electronically submitted presentation or to make any last minute revisions.

Those participants without a laptop can upload their presentations to the conference presentation system by using the computers provided in the IT room with any portable media form such as CD or USB memory devices (at least 2 hours prior to their presentation). Please note that computer facility in this room is not intended for editing/exporting.

Please do not uploading a presentation in the session room or connect personal laptop to the meeting room projectors to avoid delay and last minute difficulties.

Presentation File Formats:

The following format files will be accepted for oral presentations:

Presentation Computer with Microsoft Windows OS
   - Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1
   - Microsoft Office 2010 (Word , Excel , PowerPoint )
   - OpenOffice 3.3 (LibreOffice 3.3.3 : Writer, Calc, Impress )
   - Standard PDF (Adobe Reader 9 or up )
   - Standard HTML (Internet Explorer 8 or up , Mozilla Firefox 4 or up , Google Chrome 12 or up )
   - Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE 6 Update 26 or up )

Presentation Computer with Mac OS laptop
   - Mac OSX 10.6 or up
   - iWork 09 (Pages , Numbers , Keynote )
   - OpenOffice 3.3 (LibreOffice 3.3. 3 : Writer, Calc, Impress)
   - iLife 11 (iPhoto , iMovie )
   - Standard PDF (Preview version 5 or up, Adobe Reader 9 or up )
   - Standard HTML ( Safari 5 or up, Mozilla Firefox 4 or up , Google Chrome 12 or up )
   - Java Platform , Standard Edition ( Java SE 6 Update 26 or up

The following will be accepted for animations, movies or audio:
   - Format movies : avi, wmv, divx, mov, mpeg, flv, rmvb, gif ( via Media Player Classic, GOM Player, QuickTime, VLC Player )
   - Format audio : mp3, wma, ogg, wave ( via Windows Media player or VLC Player ).

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