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Role of Social Media in Communicating Astronomy in Indonesia

Last modified: 2011-06-08

Social media and social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube in recent time become popular as a way to interact not only with friends, celebrities, and public figures but also with scientists. This is a new method of science communication as well as astronomy to build interest, share ideas and experiences, and do hobby together in cyber world. 

langitselatan as astronomy communicator and education media in Indonesia also implement social media and social network to communicate astronomy and to build community. How we interact with public through social network also bring impacts to langitselatan blog which is the main media to give information from the most current discoveries to countering hoaxes and misconceptions circulating among public.

Social network does bring old and new astronomy enthusiast and amateur astronomer to a new level of an unclub astronomy. It means people do not require club to gather neither particular time to attend a gathering. An unclub astronomy is a new model to those who has interest in astronomy that allows one be familiar with astronomy even using virtual telescope without leaving his/her chair. 

In this paper we discuss the impacts of social media in delivering astronomy information and education to public, including the impacts on offline activities, either individual activities or common ones.

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