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NCS Vol 1 (2013): Proceedings of APRIM2011




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Plenary Sessions

Session 1: Solar Physics and Sun-Earth Interactions

Session 2: Planets in the Solar System and Beyond

Session 3: Stellar Astrophysics and Binary Systems

Session 4: Compact Objects and High Energy Astrophysics

Session 5: The Milky Way, Interstellar Matter and Star Formation

Session 6: Galaxies, Their Active Nuclei and Cosmology

Session 7: New Instruments, Challenges in Data Processing and Virtual Observatories

Session 8: Astronomy Education and Popularization of Astronomy

Session 9: From Grote Reber to the SKA

Supplementary papers

Plenary Sessions

     The Growth of Radio Astronomy as a Big Science

           Ron D. Ekers

     Building on IYA2009: IAU Strategic Plan "Astronomy for the Developing World"

           George Miley

     Solar Activity and Effects on Human Activity as Examined Using Cosmic Rays

           David Ruffolo

     LCGT and the global network of gravitational wave detectors

           Nobuyuki Kanda and LCGT collaboration

Session 1: Solar Physics and Sun-Earth Interactions

     Anatomy of Sunspots

           Debi Prasad Choudhary

     The Present Status of Solar Physics and Space Weather Research in Indonesia

           Emanuel S. Mumpuni et al.

     Measurement of Solar Neutrons at ISS

           Kiyokazu Koga et al.

     Three-minute Oscillations Above Sunspot: Results from SDO/AIA and NORH

           Veronika Reznikova et al.

     Catastrophe Model of the Solar Eruption and the Reconnecting Current Sheet

           Jun Lin & Ning Wu

     Globally Simultaneous and Non-simultaneous Forbush Decreases

           Yu Yi & Suyeon Y. Oh

     Solar Activity of the Maunder Minimum estmated by Growth Rate of Tree Rings

           Yasushi Muraki et al.

     The Slow Magnetoacoustic Mode in the Flaring Loop

           Veronika Reznikova & Kiyoto Shibasaki

     Monte Carlo Simulations of Neutron Time Delay Distributions in a Neutron Monitor

           Lalitwadee Kawinwanichakij et al.

     Solar Optical and Radio Observation for Space Weather Early Warning in Tanjungsari, Indonesia

           Tiar Dani

     The Possible Source of GARUDA 1 Satellite Abomaly on April 5, 2005

           Neflia Djunaidi

     Geomagnetic Storms And Their Relation With Drastic Solar Features And Disturbances In Solar Wind Plasma Parameters During Decline Phase of Solar Cycle 23

           Pyarelal Verma & P.K Chamadiya

     Geomagnetic Storms of Higher Magnitudes In Relation to Energetic Solar Features and Disturbances In Solar Wind Plasma Parameters During Rising Phase of Solar Cycle 23

           Pyarelal Verma et al.

     Asymmetric Cosmic Ray Intensity Decreases Associated with Large Geomagnetic Storms and Their Relation with Coronal Mass Ejections And Disturbances In Solar Wind Plasma Parameters

           Pyarelal Verma et al.

     Symmetric Cosmic Ray Intensity Decreases In Relation With Drastic Solar Features And Disturbances In Solar Wind Plasma Parameters

           Pyarelal Verma et al.

     Microwave Emission of Supra-Arcade Structure associated with M1.6 Limb Flare

           Sujin Kim et al.

Session 2: Planets in the Solar System and Beyond

     Exploring New Parameter Space with the Anglo-Australian Telescope

           Robert A. Wittenmyer et al.

     Formation and Dynamical Behavior of Close-in Super-Earths

           Masahiro Ogihara et al.

     Fast and Accurate Calculation of Ionization Degrees 7 in Planetary Gaseous Disks: The Effect of Charged Dust Grains

           Yuri I. Fujii et al.

     Investigating Close-in Exoplanets through Transit Observations

           Ing-Guey Jiang et al.

     A campaign for the detection of Earth-mass planets in the habitable zone of alpha Centauri

           John Hearnshaw et al.

     Modeling the Migration of Neptune and the Corresponding Resonant Captures

           Li-Chin Yeh et al.

     Study of Dergaon Meteorite: Possible Relics of s-process Nucleosynthesis

           Pratima Dutta & Kalpana Duorah

     Slitless Spectroscopy of Small Solar System Bodies on a Dark Cloud Curtain

           Fumi Yoshida et al.

Session 3: Stellar Astrophysics and Binary Systems

     Classical and Recurrent Nova Outbursts

           Mike Bode

     Age - Metal Index Calibration Using Eclipsing Binary Stars in Globular Clusters

           Kam-Ching Leung et al.

     An Investigation of Mass Transfer in Near Contact Binaries (NCBs)

           Liying Zhu & Shengbang Qian

     Spectroscopic Behaviors of the Be Star EW Lac in the V/R Variation Period in 1975 – 1986

           Tomokazu Kogure et al.

     Binary Star Study of Colour-Magnitude Diagrams of Stellar Populations

           Zhongmu Li

     Investigation of the Progenitors of Nova Explosions

           Farung Surina et al.

     Population synthesis of cataclysmic variable stars at post common- envelope stage: The white dwarf mass distribution

           Puji Irawati et al.

     Investigation of the period gap: is the evolution of Magnetic CVs different from the other subtypes?

           Zhibin Dai & Shenbang Qian

     Initial Mass Function of Faint Young Open Clusters

           S. Sujatha

     Spectral Energy Distribution of Massive Star Formation Sites Using 177 Radiative Transfer Calculations

           Rogel Mari Dionisio Sese

     Search for and Characterization of Galactic Open Clusters with 2MASS

           Chien-Cheng Lin et al.

     Improving Period Search for Pulsating Variables by Combining VI Band Light Curves

           Ding-Cheng Chang et al.

     The photometric observations and analysis of an eclipsing binary system TW Cet

           Sujeeporn Tantipong & Siramas Komonjinda

     Period-Luminosity Relations for Magellanic Clouds Cepheids Based on OGLE-III Data: A Comparison

           Chow Choong Ngeow

     Features of Tidal Stripping around Six Metal-Poor Globular Clusters in the Galactic Bulge

           Sang-Hyun Chun et al.

     The Effect of Tidal Field on the Depletion of Dark Matter from Globular Clusters

           Eliani Ardi & Holger Baumgardt

     New Cataclysmic Variables from ROSAT/2MASS selection

           Sirinapa Arjyotha et al.

     New Eclipsing Cataclysmic Variables from IPHAS

           Amornrat Aungwerojwit et al.

     Interferometric Investigations of Eclipsing Binaries as a Tool for a Complete Model-independent Characterization

           Siramas Komonjinda et al.

     Studying the Spectra of Be Stars

           Nahathai Tanakul

     NGC 2254 - The First UBVRI CCD Analysis of the Not-so-well Studied Open Cluster

           S Sujatha et al.

     Dispersal and Core Formation of Stellar Clusters in Different Virial Ratio

           Chih-Han Peng et al.

     Statistical Tests for the Metallicity Dependency of the Theoretical Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relations in IRAC Bands

           Chow Choong Ngeow et al.

     NLTE Abundances of Trace Elements in K648: the Exciting Central Star of a Planetary Nebula

           Siti Jamiah Mohamad-Yob et al.

Session 4: Compact Objects and High Energy Astrophysics

     Theories of High Energy Emission from Pulsar Magnetospheres

           Kouichi Hirotani

     Components of GRB Optical Afterglows and Their relations to the Prompt Gama-rays and X-ray Afterglows

           Enwei Liang et al.

     GRB Afterglow Follow-up Observation in Korea

           Myungshin Im

     The High Frequency Spectra of Compact AGNs from the AT20G Survey

           Rajan Chhetri et al.

     The Radio Properties of Ultra-high-energy Synchrotron Peak BL Lacs (UHBLs)

           Zhongzu Wu

     Of Waves and Winds

           John Kirk & Ioanna Arka

     A Contribution of Stellar Flares to the GRXE – Based on MAXI Observations

           Masaru Matsuoka et al.

     Three-dimensional Simulations of Core-collapse Supernovae: Neutron 250 Star Kicks and Nickel Production

           Annop Wongwathanarat et al.

     Statistical Study of Long Term Gamma-Ray Data

           Supachai Awiphan et al.

     Thermodynamic Properties of Holographic Multiquark and the Multiquark Star

           Piyabut Burikham

     Relativistic Anisotropic Strange Stars in Pseudo Spheroidal Space Time.

           B. C. Paul & P. K. Chattopadhyay

Session 5: The Milky Way, Interstellar Matter and Star Formation

     Star Formation with Herschel

           Bhaswati Mookerjea

     Search for Large Molecules and Spectral Line Surveys

           Masatoshi Ohishi

     Atlas and Catalog of Dark Clouds Based on the 2 Micron All Sky Survey

           Kazuhito Dobashi & Tomomi Shimoikura

     HOBYS' View of Vela C and W48: a Ridge and a Mini-starburst

           Tracey Hill et al.

     78 Pairs of Possible PSR-SNR Associations

           Hongquan Su et al.

     The Galactic NH- AV Relation and its Application to Historical Galactic SNRs

           Wen-Wu Tian et al.

     NGC 5471: 100 Myr Star Formation History in the Outskirst of M101

           Rub ́en Garc ́ıa-Benito et al.

     OH MERLIN Observation Towards the Star Forming Region IRAS 19120+1103

           Kitiyanee Asanok et al.

     Magnetic Field Diffusion and the Formation of Circumstellar Disks

           Shantanu Basu et al.

     Observation by the Solid State Camera (SSC) On-board MAXI/ISS

           Hiroshi Tsunemi et al.

     Detection of Star Clusters in a Sky Survey – Is the deeper the better?

           Ping Fang Wang & W. P. Chen

     Simultaneous 12CO, 13CO, and C18O (J=2-1) Observations of the Monkey-Head Nebulae with the 1.85m Radio Telescope at Osaka Prefecture University

           Tomomi Shimoikura et al.

     Influence of Dark Matter on the Structure and Evolution of S-Stars in the Galactic Center

           Hesti Wulandari

     Identification of young planetary objects in the ρ Ophiuchi star-forming region

           Poshih Chiang et al.

     Near Infrared Polarimetric Imaging of Carina Nebula

           Bo-He Su et al.

     Spectral Energy Distributions and Age Estimates of 50 massive young stellar objects

           Kamal Kumar Tanti et al.

     Dissipation of Magnetic Field in the Gas Clouds with Low Metallicity

           Kentaro Doi et al.

     AMANOGAWA-2SB Galactic Plane Survey in CO(2-1) and its 1st Results

           Toshihiro Handa & Takahiro Yoda

Session 6: Galaxies, Their Active Nuclei and Cosmology

     Numerical Simulations of Galactic Outflows and Evolution of the IGM

           Hugo Martel

     Stellar Population Synthesis Models with Flexible Chemistry

           Hyun-chul Lee

     The Spectral Energy Distribution of Nuclear H2O Maser Galaxies

           Jiangshui Zhang et al.

     Globular Clusters in the Virgo Cluster

           Myung Gyoon Lee et al.

     On AGN Central Engines: The Case of Powerful Radio Sources with Weak Cores

           Nectaria A. B. Gizani & Mike A. Garrett

     Tidal Disruption of Stars by Supermassive Black Holes

           St. Komossa

     Radio Jets and Outflows of Cold Gas

           Raffaella Morganti

     A bubble like radio halo source MRC 0116+111:Signpost of black hole feedback and episodic AGN activity?

           Joe Jacob et al.

     Unveiling the High-Frequency Radio Source Population

           Elizabeth Mahony on behalf of the AT20G team

     A Polarization Survey of AGN in the mm/radio Regime

           Sascha Trippe et al.

     LAMOST Quasar Survey

           Xue-Bing Wu on behalf of the LAMOST Extragalactic Survey Team

     Structure of Star-Forming Galaxies at z 2

           Suraphong Yuma et al.

     Galaxy mass modelling for the lens system Q0142-100

           Ekaterina Koptelova et al.

     Constraining MOND by Matter Wave Interference Experiment

           Chung-Ming Ko & Yong Tian

     Star Formation Activity in Virgo Cluster

           Chutipong Suwannajak & Wichean Kriwattanawong

     Star forming galaxies in Coma cluster

           Panomporn Poojon et al.

     Stellar Metallicity and Age of Galaxies in Coma Cluster

           Porntipa Pooseekheaw et al.

     Mean stellar luminosity-weighted ages of galaxies in Abell 1367

           Wichean Kriwattanawong

     Stellar Population Gradients of Early Type Galaxies

           Zhengyi Shao

     Conservation Laws for Classical Particles in AdS-Beltrami Space

           Tosaporn Angsachon & Sergey Manida

     On the Disappearance of Broad-line Region in LLAGNs

           Xinwu Cao

     A Reverse Trend of Quasars Variability in the z band of SDSS

           Chatief Kunjaya et al.

     The relation of optical/UV and X-ray emission in low-luminosity

           Ya-Di Xu

     Star Formation of Morphologically Identified Merging Galaxies

           Chorng-Yuan Hwang & Mei-Ling Huang

     Metal Abundances in Dwarf Spheroidals in the CDM Universe

           Masahiro Nagashima & Takashi Okamoto

     VLBA Observations of a Complete Sample of 2MASS Galaxies

           Jim Condon et al.

     Spectropolarimetry of the Superwind Filaments of the Starburst Galaxy M82: Kinematics of Dust Outflow

           Michitoshi Yoshida et al.

     Properties of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies

           Dawei Xu & S. Komossa

Session 7: New Instruments, Challenges in Data Processing and Virtual Observatories

     Formation Flight Astronomical Survey Telescope

           Hiroshi Tsunemi et al.

     The Development of Single Star Scidar for Tibet and Dome A

           Liyong Liu et al.

     Fabry-Perot Imager of the University of Tokyo: Probing the Age and Metallicity of Young Stellar Populations

           Hanin Kuncarayakti et al.

     Triple-Range (g′r′i′) Imager and POLarimeter (TRIPOL)

           Shuji Sato et al.

     Automated Period Detection from Variable Stars Time Series Data

           Shaju Yohannan Kavungal et al.

     Reassessment of the Climate at the Bosscha Observatory

           Ratna Satyaningsih & Taufiq Hidayat

     "Alternative" Astronomical FITS Imaging

           Eleni E. Varsaki et al.

     The New 130-cm Optical Telescope at Devasthal, Nainital, India

           Amitesh Omar & Ram Sagar

     The NAOC Ali Observatory, Tibet

           Yongqiang Yao et al.

     The First Infrared Telescope In Tibet Plateau, China

           Liyong Liu et al.

     A China-Japan Collaborative Site Survey : Sky Clearness at Oma in West Tibet

           Toshiyuki Sasaki et al.

     Evaluation of the seeing conditions by using WRF Model at Gaomeigu Observatory

           Hongshuai Wang et al.

     KiwiSpec: an astronomical spectrograph for small to medium-sized telescopes

           Steve Gibson et al.

     The Remote Study of Astro-climate Conditions over China

           Xuan Qian et al.

Session 8: Astronomy Education and Popularization of Astronomy

     A success story - Astronomy and Earth Science in Thailands national science curriculum

           Duangsamorn Klongsara & Thanapun Charlee

     "Stars of Asia" Project

           Norio Kaifu

     The work of the Program Group for the World-wide Development of Astronomy – PGWWDA

           John Hearnshaw

     Training Teachers for a World with no Frontiers

           Rosa Doran

     Making Students appreciate astronomy: A Review of Indian National Astronomy Olympiad Programme

           Aniket Sule & Mayank N. Vahia

     Astroschool: a One-stop Web Service for Thai Teachers

           Siramas Komonjinda et al.

     Online Astronomy Courses at CSUN

           Debi Prasad Choudhary

     Star-lore as an Indigenous Tools on Delivering Astronomy

           Yatny Yulianty et al.

     Astronomical Education and Research in Universities of China

           Xue-Bing Wu

     IAU Global Office of Astronomy for Development

           Kevin Govender

     Astronomy Educational Module for Primary School in Malaysia

           Mohd Zambri Zainuddin

     Internet Broadcasting for Jazzing Up the Astronomy Olympiad and Attracting More Students to Watch and Take Part

           Chatief Kunjaya

     Astronomy Education as Co-curricular Activity

           S. Sujatha & G.S.D. Babu

     Sasthra-gramam (Science Village) Project; an Experiment for Astronomy Popularisation in Kerala state, India

           R.Krishna Pillai et al.

     An Attempt to Explore Astronomy in Sundanese Culture

           Suhardja D. Wiramihardja

     The Role of Social Media in Communicating Astronomy in Indonesia

           Avivah Yamani et al.

     [email protected]: Engaging students in science with real-time radio astronomy

           Robert Hollow et al.

     The Main Stupa of Borobudur as Gnomon and Its Relation With Pranotomongso Calendar System

           Ferry Mukharradi Simatupang et al.

     An Application of Low-cost Material in Astronomy Camp

           Chaiyapong Ruangsuwan

     Astronomy Outreach Activity at Nursery School

           Akihiko Tomita

     The Measurement of the Luna's Thermal Infrared Rays

           Bunji Suzuki

     Astronomy Olympiad in Korea

           Yoojea Kim

Session 9: From Grote Reber to the SKA

     The Square Kilometre Array

           Minh Huynh & Joseph Lazio

     LOFAR: Opening a New Window on Low Frequency Radio Astronomy

           Raffaella Morganti on behalf of the LOFAR collaboration

     Current Status of Radio Astronomy in Malaysia

           Zamri Zainal Abidin & Zainol Abidin Ibrahim

     Recent Development of Radio Astronomy at the Bosscha Observatory

           Taufiq Hidayat et al.

     Early Phase Observations of the KVN+VERA Joint Array

           Satoko Sawada-Satoh, VERA team & KVN team

     New Zealand Pathway Towards Asia-Pacific and Global e-VLBI Research and Development

           Sergei Gulyaev et al.

Supplementary papers

     Casual Scrutiny of Surface Temperature Decrease after Third-Contact in Total Solar Eclipse

           Gholamhossein Rasternasab and Mansoreh Banazade